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Better avoid surprises - Smart Bundling

“Many companies consider to build up centralized service units. Few reach a truly satisfying setup”

Business globalization and digitalization have made bundling increasingly attractive for more and more business functions. Both internal and external bundling started in traditional support functions e.g. HR and Accounting. Meanwhile, especially larger companies apply this also to functions closer to their core business such as sales support or customer service. Experience shows that “just” centralizing is not a guarantee for sustainable efficiency. To avoid surprises, the highly dependent mechanisms influencing organizational performance need to assessed and applied in the best possible way.

Service overview:


Project samples:

  • Assessing, designing and implementing centralized structures in a variety of setups: shared service centers, centers of excellence, outsourcing partnerships
  • Several engagements in leading the development of target processes and organizational setup for international corporations
  • Design of partly centralized business proccesses for non customer facing sales processes - highly co-creative large group approach